How to Massage Scalp?

How to Massage Scalp

How to Massage Scalp?

Just as every part of our body needs care, so does our scalp. Massages are a great way to pamper your scalp and nurture your brain. A scalp massage can relieve stress and give you many benefits. You don’t just have a great sleep but also gradually improve your hair growth. You must know how to give yourself a great scalp massage, and then comfort other people by massaging theirs.

How to do a scalp massage?

By following the steps ahead, you can become a head massager for yourself:

  1.     Loosen the hair by taking off all the clips or pins. You can massage the scalp if your hair has twists or braids. However, you cannot do it if you have a ponytail. It is best to open the hair so that you can reach the most of your scalp.
  2.     Divide the strands of your hair in 4-8 quadrants and keep a section down the center. It doesn’t have to be specific and you can take the help of a comb. You can also divide the strands mentally into sections and work them one area after another.
  3.     Use fingertips and start with the temples. Massage a small area in this section. Move fingertips in circular motions but don’t press hard. You need to keep the pressure firm.
  4.     Slowly move back in sections and use fingertips for massaging. Don’t neglect the space around your ears. Every scalp massager needs to know that they are work on the scalp and not the hair. Massaging your hair means tangles and no direct benefit to the scalp.
  5. You need focus on one section after another and work your way back to the nape of your neck. Take time to massage and don’t rush. You get enough time to give yourself and devote to this comforting exercise.

Benefits of scalp massage

The following benefits show why having a frequent scalp massage will keep you happier.

1.    Reduces muscle tension

People who have hair stylists exclaim how well they can transform into a scalp massager! Most hairstylists are trained to offer massage and give you a remarkable experience. It is always better when someone is helping you out or when you have a head massager. As per research, a scalp massager can help you reduce blood pressure, stress hormones, and keep heart rate at the right speed. It induces sleep and gives you the comfort you need.

2.    Promotes hair growth

People looking for ways to treat their hair must massage their scalp regularly. Regular scalp and hair massage keep up our hair health. The massage promotes blood circulation and keeps our roots healthy. Scalp massages make you use oils or other products that are good for your hair and scalp.

3.    Convenient to massage

It is not a tough task for you to spend some time to improve scalp health. A scalp massager takes little time and skill to give you optimum comfort. It takes anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes to give you all the benefits and care. You can follow a DIY method with the help of a scalp massager product.

4.    Reduces a headache and migraine

If you look for the best remedy that can reduce a headache or migraine pain, you need a scalp massager. It helps you reduce the frequency of chronic pain and gives you more benefits like boosting your happy hormone.

5.    Balances nervous system

If you opt for acupressure massage for your scalp, you can reduce physical stress and get a balance in the nervous system.

Best oils for scalp massage

There are plenty of home remedies for massaging your scalp, but oils work wonders. Check out the top oils you can use to improve your scalp condition and to get the best massage:

1.    Coconut oil

Just like plenty of other benefits bestowed by coconut oil, it turns out to be great for scalp massage. Coconut oil is much known for skin and health benefits, and it includes having a nourished scalp. It moisturizes your scalp and reduces the antifungal and antibacterial elements. The process not only reduces risks of infection but also treats conditions like atopic dermatitis.

How to use?

Take a small amount of melted oil and add it to your scalp. Massage it well and let it penetrate into the skin. Take your time to massage in sections and let it sit for at least 10 minutes before you wash off. It helps you treat a dry scalp and makes your hair smooth. You can also keep the oil overnight and wash off the following morning.

2.    Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil comes with antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal properties. They help relieve dry scalp and their symptoms. There are plenty of dandruff shampoos that include tea tree oil. Using this oil will not only give you the benefits of scalp massage but also improve the quality of hair.

How to use?

Tea tree oil is extremely thick and you cannot use it alone. You need to add 2-3 drops of tea tree oil with olive or coconut oil. Mix it well and apply it on your scalp. Let the oil for 10 minutes and then wash it off.

3.    Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil works as a great moisturizer just like coconut oil. You can apply it on your dry scalp to add nourishment. It comes with anti-inflammatory properties that treat skin conditions that affect the scalp.

How to use?

You can use jojoba oil for massaging your scalp just like coconut oil. However, you can also add a few drops to your shampoo to increase hydration. It prevents the shampoo from drying your hair out further.

Tips to massage your scalp

  • You must become a scalp massager or use a hair massager right before you plan to shampoo. It deeply conditions your hair and loosens the dirt that the water washes away. If you combine the use of a hair massager for your pre-shampoo treatment, it will give you wonderful results.
  • Using natural oils like jojoba makes the best option for this. The oil works like a sebum for your scalp and treats it. You can also choose sweet almond, argan, coconut, grapeseed or monoi oil formulas.
  • Don’t massage your scalp a few days before you use a relaxer or touch-up as it makes the scalp sensitive and leads to irritation.
  • If you need to improve your hair growth you must buy black castor oil and give your hair a regular massage. It makes your hair thick but you need to mix coconut oil to dilute the content. You must focus on the scalp and not the tresses.
  • Note that a scalp massager or oil cannot give you immediate results. However, the practice of using the oil will promote your hair growth with time.

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